You Don't Have to Break a Law to Be Impeached

You Don't Have to Break a Law to Be Impeached

The Founders made clear that an impeachable or convictable offense need not be a crime. Hamilton said it applied to ‘the misconduct of public men.'

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  1. Yes you do and if you impeach our President without any law breaking you will lose in the end you will see things you didn’t think was possible in this country !!!

  2. According to the powers that be all one needs to do to be impeachable is win an election not approved by the powers that be. That will not be allowed!

  3. It doesn’t necessarily follow that if you are impeached you will be ousted. Clinton wasn’t. This impeachment scam is just another arm in the coup to overthrow the duly elected President. His only crime was that he won an election that was rigged for Clinton to win. How dare he!

    When the Dems/Libs/Socialists (or whatever they are calling themselves these days) refused to accept/acknowledge the results of the 2016 election; they abandoned Democracy. The have been effecting a coup against the duly elected President. That is what Socialists do to gain power


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