Bloomberg attempts joke about NYC’s ‘Naked Cowboy’ in Dem debate

Bloomberg attempts joke about NYC's 'Naked Cowboy' in Dem debate

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg attempted to make a joke about the Naked Cowboy during Tuesday night’s Democratic debate — a joke that fell flat for non-New Yorkers.

Bloomberg was asked about his record on public health during his time as mayor in New York City, specifically about his ban on trans-fats and attempted ban on large sodas, and whether he would try to bring those types of policies to a national level.

“I think what’s right for New York City isn’t necessarily right for all the other cities, otherwise you’d have the Naked Cowboy in every city, so let’s get serious here,” Bloomberg joked.

The wisecrack was met with silence from the audience, as the Naked Cowboy is a figure primarily known by New Yorkers.

The Naked Cowboy is a street performer who sings in New York City’s Times Square, wearing only cowboy boots, white briefs, a cowboy hat, and a guitar.

Bloomberg’s joke was met with confusion on Twitter from some users, and criticism from others.

“A lot of people are googling ‘naked cowboy' right now,” tweeted the New York Times' Nate Cohn.

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