Donald Trump says he still believes Bill Clinton’s impeachment was wrong

Donald Trump says he still believes Bill Clinton's impeachment was wrong

In the midst of his own impeachment trial, President Trump said Wednesday that former President Bill Clinton should not have been impeached in 1998 for lying under oath about a sexual affair with an intern.

At a press conference in Davos, Switzerland, Mr. Trump was asked about his previous criticism of Ken Starr, now a member of his legal team, as a “lunatic” in his role as the independent counsel who led the impeachment of Mr. Clinton in 1998.

“I did make that statement because, frankly, I didn’t think that Bill Clinton should have been impeached,” Mr. Trump said. “I didn’t know Ken Starr [at the time]. Ken Starr is a terrific man. But I didn’t think that Bill Clinton should have been impeached, and I was pretty vocal about that.”

He added “I sort of still feel that way” about Mr. Clinton’s impeachment.

“I mean what he did was nothing good, there was a lot of lying going on, there were a lot of bad things,” Mr. Trump said. “Now with me, there’s no lying, there’s no nothing. They have nothing. They don’t even have a crime. I didn’t commit a crime. I have great respect for Ken, but I didn’t think frankly that Bill Clinton should have been impeached.”

Earlier Wednesday, Mr. Trump ridiculed Hillary Clinton for saying that “nobody likes” Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont.

“When Hillary says nobody likes him, nobody likes her. That’s why she lost [in 2016], nobody liked her,” Mr. Trump told Fox Business Network.

He said of his victory over her four years ago, “She had every advantage. She had this big machine behind her … and it wasn’t even close. She’s the one that people don’t like. If I had my choice in terms of personality, I might take him over her. But I probably would take neither.”


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