Elizabeth Warren: Bloomberg told employee to get abortion

Elizabeth Warren: Bloomberg told employee to get abortion

Sen. Elizabeth Warren accused former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg of telling one of his employees to have an abortion during Tuesday’s primary debate.

The Massachusetts Democrat said she began teaching in her 20s, but was visibly pregnant and subsequently lost her job.

“Pregnancy discrimination? You bet,” she said. “At least I didn’t have a boss who said to me kill it.”

Ms. Warren was referencing a lawsuit lobbed against Mr. Bloomberg years ago by an employee, which has been detailed in media reports.

“I never said that,” Mr. Bloomberg responded, adding teachers in New York where he was mayor are protected by unions and treated right.

He said his company has reviewed several non-disclosure agreements after Ms. Warren called last week for women to come forward with their stories and not be gagged by Mr. Bloomberg’s company.

Mr. Bloomberg said he found three cases in 40 years with women saying they were uncomfortable due to Mr. Bloomberg’s comments.

“My company has said we will not use non-disclosure agreements again,” he added.

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