Joe Biden: 1-point win in South Carolina is ‘enough’

Joe Biden: 1-point win in South Carolina is 'enough'

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, who on Tuesday guaranteed a win in South Carolina, said a 1-point margin of victory will be enough.

“I think it’s just important that I win. One point is enough, but I think I’m going to win by a lot more than that,” Mr. Biden told CBS News after the Democratic presidential debate in Charleston.

“Look, the African American community knows me, my record. They’ve known me for the last 40 years,” Mr. Biden said.

He said he wasn’t “Johnny come lately” on racial justice issues, after knocking 2020 rival Tom Steyer as “Tommy come lately” during the debate.

Mr. Biden also said the idea of a political “revolution” being championed by Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont isn’t happening.

“This idea of a revolution — it’s not going to happen,” he said. “People want progress — they want to build on what we had.”

Mr. Biden is the front-runner in South Carolina, according to recent polling released ahead of the state’s Saturday primary. But Mr. Sanders has eaten into what had been an overwhelming advantage for Mr. Biden for much of last year.

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