Nancy Pelosi celebrates 80th birthday amid coronavirus crisis

Nancy Pelosi celebrates 80th birthday amid coronavirus crisis

Speaker Nancy Pelosi celebrated her 80th birthday Thursday getting ready to shepherd the biggest economic bill in history through the U.S. House she leads. The Senate version of the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill turned out to be 880 pages long, presumably a coincidence and not a tribute.

Reporters greeted her with a chorus of “happy birthdays” when she arrived for a briefing in the Capitol. “I'm not celebrating, though, until I can hug my grandbabies,” she replied with a smile. “Waiting for that day.” 

Eighty years ago, news of her birth, the daughter of a first-term Baltimore congressman, also made headlines in the local press. It was a time, though, that any thoughts of a political dynasty focused on her five older brothers, not on the only girl in the family. 

Now, of course, she's the one who is running the House.

“It’s a Girl for the D’Alesandro’s,” The Baltimore News-Post headline declared over a four-column photo at the top of the front page that showed the swaddled newborn only hours after she was born at the city’s St. Joseph Hospital. 

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